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What is Docker?

Lets face it, the now is Docker, even if this technology isn't very new, now that Docker is available and Open Source, the Applicat...


How to become Anonymous on the Web.

  Hello to You. This manual will guide you on how to become anonymous while browsing the Web, there will always exist a way to tr...


The Linux command cheat sheet

Hello HaxorFans, Today i present you the mighty Linux Command Cheat Sheet! If i were a Linux sysadmin i'd keep it handy, it'...


How to install Websphere MQ on Linux

Linux Hello HaxorFans, today i'm writing this article on how to install Websphere MQ on a Linux server, i came with this...


How to create a virus to destroy C Drive

Hello HaxorFans, Today i was looking back into my old school hacking guides and files from 10 years back and i found some cool stuff, s...


How to delete your saved Web history on Google

Hello HaxorFans, This time i'll write this article since i've been feeling insecure about this privacy violation from googl...


What is and how to access the Deep Net?

Hello HaxorFans,  I know that Deep Net sounds interesting, it sounds like you must go there and see what you can find,  so before...


Text-Based MMORPG's are back!

Hello everyone, i have been a MUD player since year 2000, this MUDS started around 1980's becoming the first MMORPG's that ...


How to hack a Facebook Account

Hello everyone, this time I'm writing an article on how to hack a Facebook account, this sounds to be complicated but it is not, th...


How to install Flappy bird on iPhone without hacks

Hello all, so i told you before i was going to tell you how to install Flappy Bird on iPhone. Well this tutorial will guide you on ho...


How to install Flappy Bird on Android Device

Hello all, seems this application is getting a lot of demand thanks to its removal, well i have seen some serious bids for phones with ...


How to Jailbreak any iOS7 Device

How to Hack any iOS7 Device Hello Everyone, today i hacked an mini iPad with iOS7, this is very easy though, you can even find some...


How to clone a Whatsapp account

How to Clone Someone's Whatsapp. Hello Everyone, you have no idea how many people searches tutorials and manuals on how to hack ...


Introduction of Websphere MQ

Hello everybody, im writing this article since im working for a banking company that uses this middleware software to transfer message...

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